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Superpod® receives 2015 Good Design Award®

From the Superpod® Good Design Award® Media Release:

The Superpod® has been recognised with a coveted Good Design Award®. The Good Design Awards is Australia’s…

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Is sex better in a Superpod passive house?

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately.


Some online journalism.  Check it out if you are into design, architecture, building, engineering, …

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Superpod® is a beautiful, high quality building design.  Make it look luxury if you want.  Our little prototype is just your blank canvas.

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Easy to design, easy to build, great to live in and affordable to run.

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Our buildings are generally not sustainable.  Why not?  We put up with discomfort, ill health, and high power bills. Not good for us.  Not good for the planet.  Here are 7 things you don’t have to put up with in your next home.

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Superpod® is based on the International Passive House Standard. Low energy use of the building is the goal every time. Don’t be fooled.  It’s not just for Europe.  Passivhaus means low energy use in any climate.

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