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We are here to get a better dialogue going on building health and occupant comfort.  Hence our blogs, facebook and youtube links, ebooks, video, offer of free content, and invites to get our newsletters every few weeks.  It takes time to learn something new.  It takes effort to see what you’ve blindly accepted for years.

We think it’s time people knew they can expect more from their next building.

And we are here to offer people an easy way to get a high performing energy efficient building: a Superpod® home.

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If you want to change the way you design, purchase and live in buildings, we can help you.  If you want comfort and health instead of mould, drafts, high power bills, being too hot and too cold, we can help.  If you want your building to be really sustainable, rather than just tacking on a few solar panels, we can help.

First, check out our video to see why the way we build in most countries of the world is no better than what we did in the 1950’s.  Who wants to be stuck in the 50’s?  If not, check out our video:

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Superpod® brings the best in European energy thinking with an innovative, fast, long life, high quality, building design.  If you want to build Superpods in your area, email us to find out how.

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As the Good Design Awards say, “design-led innovation creates better products,.. a better and safer society and environment for us all.”  You got to our page.  That’s because you care about making the world better.  That’s because you want something better.  This is how you can get it:Free 5 keys video  Stay tuned, don’t go away.  Get our news



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Superpod® receives 2015 Good Design Award®

From the Superpod® Good Design Award® Media Release:

The Superpod® has been recognised with a coveted Good Design Award®. The Good Design Awards is Australia’s…

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Is sex better in a Superpod passive house?

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately.


Some online journalism.  Check it out if you are into design, architecture, building, engineering, …

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Superpod® is a beautiful, high quality building design.

Its clean modern finish is your finished form and your blank canvas. Take the classic modernist form and get all the passive house benefits. Or add extra layers inside or out to suit your own style.

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Easy to design, easy to build, great to live in and affordable to run.

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Our buildings are generally not sustainable.  Why not?  We put up with discomfort, ill health, and high power bills. Not good for us.  Not good for the planet.

Here are the things you don’t like.  And we think you shouldn’t have to put up with them!

7 things you don’t have to put up with in your next home

Superpod® provides the ultimate International Standard in sustainable building design.

At Superpod®, sustainability is not just a word. We define it: low energy use. Not to mention recyclable materials, reduced building waste, long life components, low maintenance, comfort and health.

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Superpod® is based on an international leading standard in building efficiency. Low energy use of the building is assured through rigorous design and construction. It is called the “passivhaus” standard.

We measure every wall, window, corner and joint for top performance.

Passivhaus means low energy use no matter what climate. An international standard for the future of the world.

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