It’s been freezing in Melbourne and other parts of Australia this winter. Records are being broken due to the cold.

Okay, it’s not as cold as parts of Europe, but it’s still cold enough for people to get very sick and even lose their lives.

Unfortunately our scrappy buildings don’t help.  We should clothe our buildings like we clothe ourselves.  If you’d like an easy book on why our buildings need comfy clothes (sounds so obvious, that’s why everyone is doing it… right?) something to read to your child, or your building designer, about your next building, buy our ebook from PodMarket.

One of our ebooks can be purchased here: Comfy Clothes.

If you want your next building to be toasty and warm when it’s freezing outside, then you need a building that has proper insulation and proper double glazed or triple glazed windows.  You need a building that is properly sealed to keep out the drafts, with a properly designed ventilation system that works to bring in fresh air while keeping the temperatures comfortable.

Don’t be fooled by the addition of some timber panels on the walls, or solar panels on the roof.  These things do nothing to deal with what you really need to be comfortable inside.

Think about getting a building with  Comfy Clothes.

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