Tiny passive house living in a pod
Studio podhouse® by Superpod

Cute, isn’t she?  The Lilliput.  A tiny studio podhouse®.  She has a tiny footprint.  But big intentions.  Better comfort, better health, better for you, better for the planet.

She’s fast to build, and very adaptable.  We’ve put a lot of work into designing her, and unlike other cookie cutter building designs, she has to be customised for your site.  Why?  Because she wants to be a certified passive house.  That means if you’re in Sydney, she needs to be clothed a little differently than if you’re in Hobart, or Melbourne, or Canberra, or Perth.  And if she’s facing the sun, she needs different protection – or perhaps not, perhaps she wants to embrace the sun, depending on whether the people inside want to be cooler or warmer.

So all of this, using our design expertise, using the Passive House building physics program, using experts, and a careful builder to wrap her up nicely, can get you a tiny certified passive house.  We’re proud of her.  here’s the brochure.  Call us now on 0434 601 835 or email us on info@superpodhome.com.  Harry or Fiona will respond.  Download her card here: the  Lilliput Podhouse

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