You can get a preliminary plan for a Superpod® podhouse® on your block. This prelim plan will give you architectural 3D images, a draft floorplan, and a report as to the building’s modelled compliance with the International Passive House Standard.

After getting this plan, we will work with your builder to provide you with building costs estimates,
with our architects doing necessary paperwork, you can get a building permit (and any town planning stuff can be sorted too),
then we can help you get a Superpod® built on your site, anywhere in Australia.

If you want to use our facade system for a bigger building, please email us on

Yes, I would like a preliminary concept plan for a Superpod® home on my site! You can order one and pay online.

Your preliminary concept plan will be drawn up by an architect using the Superpod® design, reviewed by you, then assessed by a passive house consultant.

It will not be a final plan because all detail will need to be drawn up later at stage two. It will not contain engineering calculations although the pod system is largely engineered already. It will not address any town planning considerations unless you tell us of issues. In other words, your local planning laws might affect whether you can build it. If you want town planning drawings instead, please let us know and we will cost this separately.