Australian high rise buildings need to lift their game by using triple glazed windows


Australian high rise buildings are inefficient.  They do not run efficiently.  They are not comfortable enough.  They waste energy.  They contribute to climate change.  

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High Quality Designs from PodMarket to Passivhaus

High Quality Designs.  How do you achieve them?

One of the reasons for the successful ongoing collaboration between Harry Strouzas and Fiona McKenzie, is that we both think attention to detail is crucial for success, and necessary for a design to be high quality.

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From Melbourne Australia to Darmstadt Germany

On the way from Melbourne to Darmstadt we stop briefly in Dubai.

Greetings from Dubai airport.

Travelling makes you think more about weather.

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Superpod checks out Passive Building in Europe

Passive Building rocks.  Pumped to be off to Europe tomorrow. Big International Passive House conference in Darmstadt. Can’t wait!

Superpod® has the privilege of speaking at one of the sessions on passive house downunder. 

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Passive house modular design

Comfort and Low Energy

Modular design in the housing space is not common in the passive house world.  We would love for more people to experience the passive house environment: the comfort, the low power consumption, freedom from drafts, fresh air, and a totally relaxing vibe.

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Modular architecture talks with Fiona McKenzie

Architecture is sometimes paired with modular designs.  And modularity is something very useful when you want a high performing building.  Very exciting few days with the Australian Passive House Association International Conference here in Melbourne!

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Waste not, want not, at Superpod passive house

Waste not, want not.  We believe in this, when you want to build an energy efficient building.

Waste not, want not, is an old phrase that we associate with household rubbish and food consumption. 

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Marketing architecture – looks, design or comfort?

When marketing architecture, there are many different features we can focus on, depending on who is the market.

Zaha Hadid

If you are marketing an amazing Zaha Hadid feat of architecture, you might focus on the appearance, or the engineering challenges which have been met.

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Thermal mass, passive house, and the Paris climate talks?

Do you need thermal mass?

I’m often asked whether you need concrete or other forms of thermal mass in a certified passive house.

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Tasmanian climate data enables passive house project

Tasmanian climate data has now been verified, so that Tasmanian passive house projects can be designed, built and certified by the International Passive House Institute. 

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Superpod passive house architecture and MONA

Architecture can look cool. Or it can perform well thermally. Or both. We are inspired by the possibilities for passive house!

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City highrise buildings waste energy

City highrise buildings.  The scourge of the modern city.  Or are they wonderful opportunities?

The city is one of our biggest threats. 

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Renovation decisions can be difficult

Renovation decisions are often difficult

In this house, is an example of a difficult decision. A difficult passive house renovation decision.

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Be comfortable in a Superpod certified passive house

Being comfortable is our aim.  We all love to be comfortable. We all want comfort. When we are inside our buildings (whether home, office or something else), we fiddle with the heater, aircon, jumpers, scarves, etc, so that we can relax. 

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Climate Change Action – what I don’t understand

Climate Change Action

Climate Change Action is and should be on everybody’s lips.  A few years ago, many people had their heads in the sand on this topic. 

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Sustainability is something Superpod loves

Sustainability is part of life.  A necessary feature of all decision making.  Well, at least, it should be, if we want to continue to enjoy life on this planet.

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Good Sustainable passive design in Italian shoes

Italian shoes have been part of my life forever.

Hi. I’m in Milan. The Salone (Furniture fair) starts tomorrow. I have a day off.

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Ah Milano – sustainable design city

We’re in Milan, Italy, getting ready for the trade exhibition at the Milano Salone.

We are really loving the Italian design that has developed throughout history. 

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Just Who Is Fiona McKenzie?

Fiona McKenzie is a designer and lawyer.  A feature article in the LIJ (Law Institute Journal of Victoria) introduces us to her training, expertise and passion for rigorous and creative thinking.

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Why bother to get a passive house certificate?

Without a passive house certificate, it’s just a passive house. Or is it?

The topic of the “passive house certificate” is an interesting one to talk about.

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Insulation explained in Ebook “Comfy Clothes”

Insulation is something that we need in most weathers.  Unless, of course, it’s 20 degrees celcius outside.

It’s been freezing in Melbourne and other parts of Australia this winter.

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Climate Change Act in Victoria

Have a look at our latest article.   Make a cup of tea, this one’s a little more technical than usual.  It’s about how the Passive House Standard relates to Climate Change.

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Here is our tiny studio podhouse

Cute, isn’t she, this little studio?

The Lilliput.  A tiny studio podhouse® by Superpod®.

Tiny footprint.  High comfort.

She has a tiny footprint.  

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Superpod: Miami Beach flooding siege

Read this: the effect of rising seas on Miami Beach. Rising seas caused by rising temperatures.  Otherwise known as climate change.  

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Grand Designs: meeting with Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs is the name of a popular UK tv show.  It has been replicated in other countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

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U values: What’s up with them?

Have you been wondering how U values for windows are calculated?

Why do different suppliers and different countries seem to use different numbers to describe U values for windows?

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The Eames chair and ottoman are an amazing iconic design

The Eames chair with its partner ottoman is certainly one of the most iconic furniture designs ever made.

The Eames chair designer duo

Designed by the fabulous couple Ray and Charles Eames, it has been in production since 1956.

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Beware greenwashing terms like “net zero” and “carbon offset”

Watch out for Greenwashing – get real about a low energy low carbon future!

Why do we believe what manufacturers say?

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Tasmanian energy crisis proves passive house is relevant

What energy crisis?  There is no hint of an energy crisis in these sorts of photos of idyllic Tasmania.  This photo is of the Mona Ferry at the docks in Hobart, Tasmania. 

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A poem called “Imagine” – with apologies to John Lennon

“Imagine” a homage to John Lennon

Imagine there’s more damage To earth, water, sky All the air around us Is causing us to die Imagine that’s the future Caused by us today… Aha-ah…

Imagine there’s worse climate Because of me and you Heatwaves, fire, storm, flooding By then, nothing we can do Imagine that’s the future You are part of how… You,..

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Passive house insulated buildings save energy

Why have insulated buildings?

We need to be in an insulated building so that we can retain or contain energy created by or within that building, and easily condition the inside temperature in the building.

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Modular Homes in Australia

A brief History of Modular Homes in Australia

It’s fascinating to read a little of the early history of modular homes in Australia.

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Heat transfer, thermal breaks and frypans

Why talk about thermal breaks in relation frypans?

The effect of heat, and heat transfer, is an important concept to understand for our buildings.

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Superpod® – ready to work with your climate in 2019

Happy New Year!

Superpod® says “Happy New Year” to our world’s climate, and to your microclimate, wherever you are.  We want to welcome it and nurture it.

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Green buildings by Superpod blow people away

True green buildings are comfortable.

True green buildings should be buildings that produce a real difference in comfort for people living and working inside them.

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Climate change and frypans

Why talk about frypans?  The effect of heat, and heat transfer, is a key to our future.  What does our future look like? 

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High Quality Design from PodMarket to Passivhaus

High Quality Design.  What does it mean?  How do you achieve it?

One of the reasons for the successful ongoing collaboration between Harry Strouzas and Fiona McKenzie, is that we both think attention to detail is crucial for success, and necessary for a design to be high quality.

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Superpod® House Extension 9+ Star ratings

Australian star rating for house extension

Australian star ratings for houses are there to make our buildings more efficient.  When you do house extensions you must also rate the old part of the house.

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Carbon emissions can be reduced by building science

Lowering our carbon emissions is the goal of the decade, no, the century.

Tackling Climate Change

We need to tackle climate change and reducing our carbon emissions must be part of that project. 

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Open the windows and let in the fresh air

Ventilate your modular home with Superpod®

Open the windows in your Superpod® modular home, and let in the fresh air.

Well-designed buildings have effective ventilation.

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How is a Washing Machine Like a Building?

Check out our latest Sourceable article here:

How is a Washing Machine Like a Building?

Washing machines are supposed to work.  

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Sun, surf… Elrond Burrell passive house blog

 Australia: Sun, sand, surf, … and passivhaus?  (Check out this link)

So goes the title of Elrond Burrell’s latest blog.  Elrond is a world leading blogger, architect, and passive house expert. 

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Is sex better in a Superpod passive house?

We’ve been having a lot of fun lately.


Some online journalism.  Check it out if you are into design, architecture, building, engineering, thermal efficiency, prefab, modular, and maybe just common sense.

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Icing on the cake is not enough for good design

Unlike icing on the cake, design should start with the cake itself

People love icing on the cake.  They love eating it. 

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Superpod® receives 2015 Good Design Award®

From the Superpod® Good Design Award® Media Release:

The Superpod® has been recognised with a coveted Good Design Award®. The Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious award for excellence in design and innovation.

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Superpod innovation wins Good Design Award

Superpod® wins Good Design Award!  This is fantastic news.  An international team of expert judges, after an independent, rigorous assessment, called our entry a “Standout”.  

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Why we like Austral Plywood sustainable timbers – modernism and green come together

The Superpod® design is innovative for a number of reasons.  Our ethos is modernist: “Form follows Function”, without unnecessary decoration. A number of leading architects and designers deliberately followed this philosophy such as Mies Van Der Rohe and Le Corbusier.

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Steel is sustainable

People seem to assume that a sustainable building has to look like something out of a commune in the 70s.  Not so.

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Our First Ebook – 10 mistakes to avoid in your next building

Our Ebook is now here!  Click here to buy from Amazon with one click.

Actually we have a series planned – if you want to keep informed get onto our newsletter list:


Why are we so keen to avoid these mistakes?  

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Are passive house buildings relevant in Australia?

A lot of people say, what is passive house?  What is the passive house standard?

Then they say, oh, that’s relevant to Germany, not to Australia.

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New Australian report on the Science of Climate Change

A great new Australian report on climate change has been issued in February 2015!

It’s released by the Australian Academy of Science and is a fantastic presentation – just what readers like, with photos and colourful graphs.

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Comfort and less power combine

A Superpod® building is designed for comfort, and uses way less power to give you a better way of living.  How so?

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Green from the get-go

Download this article (Word document and PDF)

Superpod® passive house system

A steel-intensive building envelope has brought to life the first modular building system in Australia that complies with the International Passive House Standard, with energy efficiency thoroughly integral to the design right from its conception, that could ultimately help to open the door to greater contribution of steelwork in major construction projects seeking more sustainable outcomes.

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Superpod® on International Passive House Day – Climate Change is on our agenda

Superpod® is excited to be hosting an open house for International Passive House Day on Sunday 9 November, 2014. The Superpod® podhouse® in Wonthaggi will be open from 10 am to 2 pm.

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Passive House Down Under

Ireland (and the world) brings the Passive House Standard to Melbourne Australia – and Australia brings a new Passive House concept to the world!

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Do you know what a thermal bridge is?

Connection between steel posts and concrete slabs

You may have seen our recent Facebook post called “Do you know what a thermal bridge is?”.

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“Passive House Down Under” – Event on 17 September 2014 – where worlds collide

An exciting event on 17 September 2014 represents the collision, or perhaps converging, of several worlds which have never met before.

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What makes a building frame beautiful?

Steel frames and modernism

Beauty in buildings comes in many forms. At Superpod®, we believe that to achieve true beauty in architecture, the form should follow the function.

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